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Just had a new prescription? Are your lenses damaged or scratched?

If so, our replacement lens service starts from just £25 and it couldn’t be easier to get your lenses replaced by us....

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Why Specs Clinic

A good quality pair of spectacles should last and just because your prescription changes, your frames don’t have to, even if you have purchased a new frame online and want new lenses fitted, then we can help.

Specsclinic will manufacture and fit lenses into your new or existing frame to your current spectacle lens prescription.
Even if your spectacles are damaged, bent or twisted we can repair and straighten most types of spectacle frames. Please call us to discuss any special requirements.
We have a very successful designer eyewear store in the heart of Shrewsbury, so if you would prefer, you could always visit us with a copy of your prescription and save up to 60% against other stores.

Why People Love Specs Clinic

"As a new wearer of glasses, I was bewildered by the huge array of frame styles and lens types available from the usual outlets. Specs Clinic took time to recommended suitable frames for my build and face shape and really helped me to choose the perfect combination of lenses and frames. Exceptional value for much less money than elsewhere"

Richard Terry Shrewsbury

"Having purchased 2 pairs of Chopard Eyewear from Specs Clinic, they provide a unique & personal bespoke service of which I have never found before. Specs Clinic have designed “by hand” the lens shape and design of each rimless to suit me and my requirements"

John McStay Solihull

"I have a complex prescription and Specs Clinic provide me with the finest optical lenses I have ever worn. I purchased 4 pairs of really stunning glasses for a fraction of the cost elsewhere, this is why I would not go anywhere else"

M Brown Cramlington

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